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Search Engine Optimization

With so many websites being built each and every day, competition online has been increasing at a rapid pace. As a result of this, companies are always trying to figure out way to increase their exposure in the search engines.

While some businesses opt for paid advertising online, such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) through platforms such as Google AdWords, or Microsoft adCenter, there are other options which are available which do not require payment for each click, such as Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO”.

While SEO isn’t free, unless done yourself, it is a set fee which can gain you an unlimited number of site visitors without incurring extra costs. Search Engine Optimization is a process where you optimize your website’s content and structure to make it more appealing and useful for users as well as search engines.

Other things that can be done to improve your rankings in the search engines are activities such as link building, where you would find websites that have relevant content which correspond with your own, and convince the webmaster to link back to your site. Over the course of a website’s lifetime, individual users may post links online to your website if they found it helpful as well.

Link accumulation happens over time, and can be a difficult process for some, but it is a vital part of SEO, as search engines consider these links as a vote of confidence, and will adjust your rankings accordingly. Link building is by no means the only other technique used in SEO though. Several other elements are accounted for, such as social mentions and spreading of your content through social channels. These are referred to as “social signals”.

Other methods include submission of your website to categorized web directories as well as regular content additions on-site. All of these elements and more come together to form a well-rounded optimization campaign.

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