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Wanna Bee Social

Social Media Marketing… Who has the TIME to do it RIGHT?

Wondering about how to provide your customers with an effective and affordable Social Media Strategy?

Read on!

We all know about the way Social Media Marketing is evolving the way businesses communicate with their customers, associates, suppliers, advocates and yes… even their enemies…

Social Media Marketing is a MUST HAVE for every business, small and large. But most business owners are still wondering about how to find the time, the money and the right resources to effectively manage the “voice” of the organization.

Providing your customers with a solution is no easy task.

You need to worry about strategy definition, channel management, 24x365 monitoring and response, cross platform analytics and reporting…

M3’s WannaBeeSocial service is like no other Social Media service out there… Our team of Social Media experts and our enterprise level technologies will help you develop the RIGHT Strategy for the RIGHT Social Channels, tailored to each of YOUR customers, at a very reasonable price!

Our social media experts not only manage your social media sites, they also:

  • Help you establish a plan that can achieve the desired results
  • Suggest the platforms that better fit your customer’s business needs
  • Help your customers listen and answer any inquiries from their clients, to obtain a more realistic feedback from their business.
  • Post different social media articles in the different social engines chosen, in order to promote your customer’s business strengths and strategies
  • Measure everything and generate the analytics report.
1 519 894 0846